How we implement our projects

How we implement our projects

We always strive to offer maximum attention.

1. Personal contact and meetings

Personal contact and meetings

We prefer personal meetings. Let’s arrange a meeting over a coffee in our company or on your premises. We will introduce our products and services, obtain initial information about your needs, draft a schedule of further steps and then offer and explain the final solution to you in person.

2. Expert evaluation of your premises

Expert evaluation of your premises

Most designs cannot be carried out without an evaluation of the premises. To design the optimal solution, we need to obtain precise data. We will measure and draw plans of your premises, measure the real energy use and intensity of your current lighting installation. This data will then be processed by our designers.

3. Solution design, calculation of savings

Solution design, calculation of savings

After the evaluation of your premises, we will select a suitable type of lights, create the technical project and visualisation and supply evidence of compliance with ČSN. We will calculate your energy savings, return on investment and savings related to lowering the use of electricity in your lighting system.

4. Quote and consultation

Quote and consultation

We are ready to personally discuss the quote that also includes the calculation of savings and written references from our customers. We will answer your technical and business-related questions. Should you be interested, we can lend you the proposed lighting or arrange your visit to a site of a finished project.

5. Professional lighting installation

Professional lighting installation

If you decide to go ahead, we will plan the schedule of works together to ensure that there are as few interruptions to your business as possible. Professional work and maximum safety is always top priority. The installation is followed by a clean-up of the premises, ecological waste disposal and initial revision.

6. Warranty and post-warranty service

Warranty and post-warranty service

Even after completing the project, we keep in touch with you. We offer warranty and post-warranty service, measure the intensity of light regularly and arrange the maintenance of your new lighting system. Spare parts and accessories for your system are always in stock. You can rely on us.

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