Interior LED lights with IP code 65, replacing common discharge tube lights. Intelligent control.

Example case

How much will you save and how long will you wait for your return on investment?

Energy rate: CZK 2.50

Discharge tube 400 W (100 pcs)

Annual consumption 350.4 MWh
Annual costs 876,000 CZK / year

LED OsamHIGHBAY Nine 120 W (100 pcs)

Annual consumption 105.1 MWh
Annual costs 263,000 CZK / year
ROI within 1.4 years
CO2 savings 286.95 ton / year
Total life span savings 4,900,000 CZK
Savings of 613,000 CZK / year
Optional intelligent control Optional intelligent control
Cost savings Cost savings
Modern technologies Modern technologies
Safe and env. friendly management Safe and env. friendly management
Profitable return on investment Profitable return on investment
Immediate start Immediate start
Minimum luminosity losses Minimum luminosity losses
No stroboscopic effects No stroboscopic effects
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